2016 Winners

    Photojournalist of the Year

    Sponsored by The Canadian Press
    Melissa Renwick / Toronto Star

    Mark Blinch / Independent

    Leah Hennel / Calgary Herald

    John Lehmann / The Globe and Mail

    Photograph of the Year

    Sponsored by Sony (Selected from all category first-place finishers)
    Zachary Prong / Independent

    Khan Mohammed, a young boy who fled fighting in Sangin, Helmand Province shortly after his father was killed during fighting between Taliban and government forces in January of 2016. Khan is now living in an IDP camp on the outskirts of Kabul. Afghan forces, backed by Western fighter planes and special forces, had been struggling to repel a Taliban siege in Sangin for weeks. More than 900 coalition soldiers were killed in Helmand during the 13 year Operation Enduring Freedom.

    Student Photographer of the Year

    Sponsored by Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
    Chris Donovan / Loyalist College

    General News

    Sponsored by CNW Group

    1. Jonathan Hayward / The Canadian Press – Bonfire at La Roche grave site
    2. Mark Blinch / Independent for Reuters – Ghomeshi Protestor
    3. Mike Deal / Winnipeg Free Press – Search for Kevin Dilk

    Spot News

    Sponsored by The Camera Store

    1. Cole Burston / Independent for AFP – Rescue workers at Fort McMurray Fire
    2. Amber Bracken / Independent for The Globe and Mail – Pipeline Protest
    3. Rafal Gerszak / Independent for The Globe and Mail – Opioid Crisis
    HM Cole Burston / Independent for AFP – Evacuee Centre at Fort McMurray Fire


    Sponsored by the Winnipeg Free Press

    1. Lars Hagberg / Independent for The Canadian Press – Super Heroes outside hospital window
    2. Edouard Plante-Frechette / La Presse – Iraqi Soldier in prayer
    3. Jonathan Hayward / The Canadian Press – Eagle feasts on salmon

    Sports Action

    Sponsored by Nikon

    1. Leah Hennel / Calgary Herald – Rodeo Bronc Stomp
    2. Jon Blacker / for MLB Photos – Donaldson slides home
    3. Mathieu Belanger / for Getty Images – Boxing match

    Sports Feature

    Sponsored by Sony

    1. Jean Levac / Ottawa Citizen – Bolt and de Grasse at Rio Olympics
    2. Darren Calabrese / Independent – CrossFit athlete Lindsay Hilton
    3. Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press – UFC Fighter Garreth McLellan

    Social Issues

    Sponsored by Fujifilm

    1. Melissa Renwick / Toronto Star – GE former employee Roger Fowler
    2. Martin Tremblay / La Presse – Haitian Cholera Outbreak
    3. Leah Hennel / Independent – Assisted Dying
    HM Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press – Cannabis Smoker


    Sponsored by Beau Photo

    1. Zachary Prong / Independent – Khan Mohammed
    2. Peter Bregg / for Maclean’s – Zanib
    3. Fred Lum / The Globe and Mail – Deepa Mehta
    HM Tyler Anderson / Independent – Latch Akesuk


    Sponsored by Canon

    1. Colin Horabin / Independent – Eagles in Flight
    2. Guillaume Nolet / Independent – Duck Hunters
    3. Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press – Tidal Pools

    Picture Story News

    Sponsored by Leica

    1. Cole Burston / Independent for AFP – Fort McMurray Fire

    2. Amber Bracken / Independent for The Globe and Mail – Pipeline Protest

    3. Edouard Plante-Frechette / La Presse – Mosul Iraqi

    HM Jason Franson / The Canadian Press – Fort McMurray Fire

    Picture Story Feature

    Sponsored by Leica

    1. Darren Calabrese / Independent – CrossFit athlete Lindsay Hilton

    2. Melissa Renwick / Toronto Star – Former Employees of General Electric

    3. Giovanni Capriotti / Independent – Muddy York Rugby Football Club

    HM Leah Hennel / Calgary Herald – The Lazy U Ranch

    HM John Lehmann / The Globe and Mail – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Single Multimedia

    Sponsored by Vistek

    1. Nick Iwanyshyn / Maclean’s – The Other Residential School Runaways
    2. David Zelikovitz / Chatelaine – Abandoned at Birth
    3. Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal – Boxer Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford

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    Team Multimedia

    Sponsored by Thomson Reuters

    1. Mission of Mercy: Toronto surgeons treat burn victims on Bangladesh island
    Videographer: Melissa Renwick / Toronto Star
    Editor: Kelsey Wilson / Toronto Star
    Reporter: Marina Jimenez / Toronto Star

    2. The Last Mambabatok
    Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Brent Foster / Foster Visuals
    Cinematography: Pawel Dwulit / Independent
    Cinematography: Preston Kanak / Independent
    Producer: Tammy Foster / Foster Visuals
    Title Sequences: Alon Isocianu

    3. Trumpland: Luzerne County
    Filmed by Jake Naughton / for The Globe and Mail
    Edited by Melissa Tait / The Globe and Mail
    Reporting by Joanna Slater / The Globe and Mail
    Produced by Rachel Wine / The Globe and Mail
    Map by Trish McAlister / The Globe and Mail

    HM. The Real Faces of ISIS
    Videographer: Peter Bregg / for Maclean’s
    Reporter: Sally Armstrong / Maclean’s
    Producer: Liz Sullivan / Maclean’s
    Editor: Liam Maloney / for Maclean’s

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    Student Multimedia

    Sponsored by Nikon
    1. Vivian Tabar / Loyalist College
    2. Anissa Calma / Centennial College

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    West Clips Contest Winner

    Sponsored by Epson

    Darryl Dyck / Independent

    East Clips Contest Winner

    Sponsored by Loyalist College

    Mark Blinch / Independent